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Jainson Cable Terminal Ends

JAINSON has widest range of Cable Terminal Ends with more than 2009 items in our manufacturing range, consisting of sizes from 0.5mm 2 to 1000mm2. Our products conforms to IS/BS & DIN specification. JAINSON Cable Terminal Ends are approved by major OEM'S and leading consultants

Jainson Panel Accessories

• Die Cast • Polyamide • Canopy Lock • 3 Point Lock With Accessories • Air Vent (Filter) • Document Holders • Handles • Meter Glass

Jainson Switchgear Products

Plug & Sockets : 10A 20A 30A • A.C. BOX : 10A 20A 30A • Main Siteches : UP TO 200A x 415V • KIT KAT FUSES : 16 TO 200 Amps • Change Over Switch : UP TO 200 A x 415Vs • Busbar Chamber : UP TO 200Amps • D.O.L. Motor Starter : TYPE: JSP-1 UP TO 7.5 HP

Jainson Rotary & Toggle Switches

Rotary Switches: Amphere Range: 10 AMP TO 100 AMP, POLES: 1 POLE TO 4 POLES, Position: 1 Position TO 8 Position (1WAY TO 8 WAY)

Toggle Switches: Amphere Range: 2 Amp TO 15 Amp, POLES: 1 Pole TO 4 Poles, Position: SPST, SPDT, DPST AND DPDT

Jainson Crimping System

• Insulated Terminal Crimping Tool • Pliers • Open Barrel Tab Terminal Crimping Tool • End Sealing Ferrules Crimping Tool (Dieless) • Heavy Duty Compression Tool • Hydraulic Tools, Dieless, Foot Operated, Crimping Tool.

Jainson Cable Glands

Single Compression: Siemens Type, Heavy Duty (SIBG), Long Nipple

Double Compression: SWeather Proof, Flame Proof, Flame Proof Type (L.D.)

Export Series: BW Type, CW Type

Flange Type: Cable Glands Conforms to BS 6121/ IS 12943 and are supplied with BSC (ET) threads & also available with NPT, BSP & METRIC Threads.

Jainson Terminal Connector

  • Open Type Connectors
  • Bakelite Strip Connector
  • Rigid Type Connector
  • Open Type Connectors

Jainson Instrument Cooling Fan

  • Instrument Cooling Fan :- SIZE : 4", 6", 8" (oval / square)
  • Type: Sleeve Bearing / Ball Bearing
  • Pressure Switches :- (Triple Pole) For Air Compressors